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Workshop - Comparative Genomics

Register now for the 3-day workshop on Comparative Genomics, Orthofinder, and Phylogenomics

07.08.2024 – 09.08.2024

The workshop is offered by Nadia Kamal and will take place at TUM in Weihenstephan. We will start on August 7th 12 p.m. with lunch and end on August 9th 5 p.m. (maybe earlier). We will inform you about the exact location later.

The workshop will include:

  1. Accessing the Computing Environment and Data Management: Learn how to access a computing environment, make your data available, and store it in GitLab - Frederik Dröst and Ursula Eberhardt (I01)
  2. Refresher on Data Management - Ursula Eberhardt (I01)
  3. Introduction to Phylogenomics - Nadia Kamal (Z03)
  4. Using Orthofinder for Orthologous Frameworks: Establish an orthologous framework for your species of interest using Orthofinder - Team of Z03 including Amit Fenn and Nadia Kamal
  5. Finding Orthologs of Candidate Genes and Downstream Analyses - Team of Z03 including Amit Fenn and Nadia Kamal
  6. Participant Project Presentations and Discussions: Participants present their own projects and analyses, discuss options, and seek solutions (please fill the last column of the spreadsheet below with yes/no)

Please register here:

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