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Workshop - Figure Design

Register now for "The do's and dont's about figure presentation"

03.07.2024 at 09:00 

"Make it Right" Figure Design Workshop, offered by Chloe Cathebras, a post doc in Martin Parniske’s lab

"The do's and dont's about figure presentation."

This workshop will take place at LMU Martinsried on Wednesday July 3rd from 9am to 3pm. Lunch will be provided. A hotel room near the LMU Martinsried campus can be reserved upon request (see registration form); note that this will be a different hotel than the one for the general TRR meeting.

This workshop will cover the frequently encountered difficulties and confusions, the dos and don'ts, regarding describing outcomes of experiments. We will go through key points that are important to be considered when designing a figure and writing the figure legend. The aim is that you walk out of the seminar with clear guidelines on how to properly describe an experiment with illustrations and texts.

You will work with material that you have chosen and are familiar with. You will be are asked to present your material to your fellows in a small group and are expected to actively engage in group discussions to give and collect feedback. The goal is to help improve each other's course material. The assignments are designed in a way that you walk through the "generation-review-improvement" cycle leading to a proper description of scientific experiments.

Registration has closed. If you'd like to request a late add-in, contact Jodi Tolzmann via E-Mail.