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The contribution of transposable elements of Blumeria graminis to cross kingdom compatibility with cereal hosts

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With this project, the role of transposable elements (TEs) in shaping the genomic organization and effector repertoire of Blumeria hordei will be examined. As a result of adaptation to the host environment, this obligate parasitic fungus shows intra-species diversity at the genome organization as well as effector sequence levels.

This project will address the questions

  • whether diversity is observed and selection occurs at TEs and candidate effector genes that derive from TE sequences (Nottensteiner et al. 2018, J Exp. Bot., and
  • what is the contribution of TEs to the chromosomal re-structuring and evolution and regulation of TE-neighbouring housekeeping and effector genes as well as on genome structure.


Principal Investigators:
Prof. Dr. Ralph Hückelhoven, School of Life Sciences, Technical University of Munich
Prof. Aurelien Tellier, School of Life Sciences, Technical University of Munich