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A02 Diversity in the impact of karrikin signalling A02 on arbuscular mycorrhiza development Caroline Gutjahr MPI-MP Potsdam
A03 The contribution of transposable elements of Blumeria graminis to cross kingdom compatibility with cereal hosts Ralph Hückelhoven
Aurelien Tellier
A04 Genetic diversity within the basidiomycete yeast Dioszegia modulates reproductive fitness of the obligate pathogen Albugo laibachii on Arabidopsis thaliana Eric Kemen EKUT
A05 Allelic variants underlying fitness in different biotic environments Niklas Schandry LMU
A06 Infection-induced germline and somatic mutation rates of resistance genes in plants Korbinian Schneeberger LMU
A07 Genomic and geographic maps of NLRs and matching effectors in the A. thaliana - H. arabidopsidis pathosystem Detlef Weigel MPI-Biol Tübingen
B01 Regulation of plasma membrane nanoscale dynamics in plant immune signaling Julien Gronnier EKUT
B02 Diversification of the BIR receptor kinase family and its impact on plant health and crop yield Birgit Kemmerling EKUT
B03 Effector-induced manipulation of host polyamine levels Thomas Lahaye EKUT
B04 Exploring the functional diversification of the C4 proteins encoded by geminiviruses Rosa Lozano-Durán EKUT
B05 Functional diversification within the microbial NLP superfamily Thorsten Nürnberger EKUT
B06 Sequence adaptation of Symbiosis Receptor-like Kinase (SymRK) enabling nitrogen-fixing root nodule development Martin Parniske LMU
B07 Genetic and functional diversity of Lotus SymRK homologous receptor kinases in root endosymbiosis Kate Parys LMU
B08 Functional diversity of the Arabidopsis thaliana SHRK family Martina Ried IPB Halle
B09 Dissection of CrRLK1L signalling pathways regulating disease susceptibility and resistance to powdery mildew Martin Stegmann TUM
Z02 Comparative ultrastructure of plant-microbe interfaces Andreas Klingl LMU
Z03 Comparative genomics to study the diversity and conserved components inherent to the molecular interface of plant-microbe interactions Nadia Kamal
Klaus Mayer
HMGU München
I01 Virtual Environement for Research Data and Analysis (VERDA) Stephan Hachinger
Jens Krüger
Klaus Mayer
LRZ Garching bei München
EKU Tübingen
HMGU München
Ö01 Outreach project: Beneficial and harmful plant-microbe interactions – and how genetic diversity matters

Dagmar Hann
Leonie Hinderhofer
Gudrun Kadereit